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Survey Master
Now available is the Survey Master PC. Connect your odometer directly to any IBM compatible PC running the suitable software. Also suitable for video interfacing. There is also available the VIDEO model which puts distance readings onto a video camera's signal for video recording.
Technical Specification
The Brantz Survey Master special purpose precision odometer represents the highest standards in both accuracy and functionality. The Liquid Crystal Displays are 12.8mm and 18mm high, giving exceptional clarity and even include back-lighting for night time use. Both displays can be pre-set to any figure whilst the vehicle is stationary. High quality switches provide ON/OFF, individual RESET, upper display FREEZE, Forward or Reverse counting (vehicle travelling in either direction) and display HOLD whilst count continues internally. Reliable solid state electronics allow the unit to be calibrated to read feet, yards or meters with equal precision. The unit can be fitted to any vehicle using a choise of sensors - either on the speedometer cable drive or actually on the road wheel.
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Highway Data Collection System: Specialised system to collect data from a road survey to be analysed later by means of a database or similar (220k)

Required DLL: File required for above software package (973k)

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Sample Data: Sample data used to test software package (1k) (alternate-click to download)

Manual Page
Survey Master Manual Page
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