The most popular Brantz Road engineers tripmeter with all the functions to operate in conjunction with Transit / RAMMS data. Large, easy to read displays and rocker type controls make this meter safe and simple to operate.

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Surveymaster PC

Connects to a laptop PC, this Surveymaster allows the display data to be downloaded into a PC (running suitable software) to provide distance references to road maintenance software.

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Laser 3

The Laser 3 tripmeter has a clean, slim appearance and uses keypad controls. It has all functions appropriate to road engineering, including the ability to preset a distance into a 3rd display before downloading it into one (or both) distance displays. It is a rally tripmeter and therefore does have some functions not normally required by road engineers.

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Architect 1

A simple and basic Road Engineering Tripmeter with one display.

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Architect 2

Provides 2 displays, and includes some basic road engineering functions.

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Compact Tripmeter

Lightweight , small sized unit designed for either permanent of temporary mounting.

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Brantz Architect 1

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