Product Name
Retrotrip 3
The natural evolution for the mechanical tripmeter.
Technical Specification  

The RetroTrip 3 is a simple evolution of the ever popular RetroTrip 2 mechanical tirpmeter. It has all the same features such as accurate one-in-a-thousand calibration and mechanical read-outs which make the tripmeters from Brantz eligible for historic type rallies throughout the world.

Where the RetroTrip 3 differs is that it contains two completely separate and independent tripmeters in the same box. One tripmeter drives the normal two counters on the top row of the box, whilst a second tripmeter with it's own calibration system drives a third readout on the lower row. Both tripmeters are fed from the same single sensor fitted to either the speedometer cable or the road wheel.

All counters can be zero'd independently while the counter on the top row can also be disconneted via a rocker control.

N.B. Older cars with 6V electronics or poorly performing 12V charger systems should use the BRANTZ POWER CONDITIONER to produce a correct and reliable voltage source.

Manual Page  
Retrotrip 3 manual page
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