Product Name
Retrotrip 2
Introducing the famous Brantz RetroTrip tripmeter. This unit has been specifically desiged to compliment historic or retrospective motoring, and is approved for use on many major rallies.
Technical Specification  

The RetroTrip has sufficient functions for all the major competitive historic events and features fiddle-proof electro-mechanical clicking digits. The unit offers instant 'one in a thousand' calibration for any wheel changes and, like all Brantz meters, accuracy is excellent. The RetroTrip can be used with a wide range of motion sensors: the wheel type sensor or speedometer type being the most popular. As ever, the fitting and calibration of the meter is a simple and efficient task.

N.B. Older cars with 6V electronics or poorly performing 12V charger systems should use the BRANTZ POWER CONDITIONER to produce a correct and reliable voltage source.

Manual Page  
Retrotrip 2 manual page
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Brantz Power Conditioner

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