International 2

Popular with regional rally competitors, this tripmeter has 2 displays, freeze and reverse functions. A hand held zero is standard and the calibration is simple and easily changed.

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International 2S Pro

Also called the Targa meter, this model has all the functions of the International 2 above, plus a 3rd display which displays both speed and average speed. The average speed function is a vital Targa requirement, while the speed function gives a very accurate speedo for use in touring stages on any type of rally.

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Laser 3

This is a top of the line Professional tripmeter featuring 2 distance displays, plus functions for speed, average speed, stop watch and time of day clock. Also a variety of acceleration test options allow car performance verification. A fuel level display is also standard. There are a variety of hand held zero options.

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Retro Trips

The Retro Trip 2 and 3 are designed to meet the need for a rally tripmeter that has that old style 'classic' appearance.

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