Brantz Retrotrip 3

June 2001

Retrotrip 3  
The GMR Retrotrip3 is a simple evolution of the ever-popular Retrotrip2 and has all the same features of accurate one-in-a-thousand pushdigit calibration and clicking electromechanical readouts which has made the Retrotrip2 eligible for historic type rallies throughout the world. Where the Retrotrip3 differs is that it contains two completely separate and independant tripmeters in the same box. One tripmeter drives the normal two counters on the top row of the box. A switch allows one of these two counters to be disconnected to hold a reading for 'whatever' purpose. A second tripmeter with its' own calibration switches drives a third readout on the lower row. Both tripmeters are fed from the same single sensor fitted to either the speedometer cable or road wheel. All counters can be zeroed independently.
Calibration 1 (C1) for the top two counters is as normal and should be done accurately. Zero the counters and set the calibration 1 digits to 100 and drive a measured kilometre (or mile if working in miles and miles per hour). Enter this figure onto the calibration 1 pushdigits. A more accurate figure can be obtained by driving a measured two kilometres and dividing the readouts by two. The tripmeter will now indicate hundredths of a kilometre or mile depending on the distance travelled. If you have a second tripmeter (and the GMR Retrotrip3 has two independent tripmeters) you can achieve an indication of AVERAGE SPEED, by calibrating the second tripmeter to a different figure as derived from the Bath Formula supplied with each GMR Retrotrip3.
The GMR Retrotrip3 is wired as follows: The black cable is the power feed and contains a brown wire which is connected to +12volts. The Green/yellow is connected to the -12volts. Whichever of these two wire is the 'live' it should be fitted with a fuse of not more than 2 amps. Wiring must be taken directly from the vehicle's battery terminals and not from the chassis or existing vehicle wiring. Cars which have a 6 volt or 12 volt dynamo system (ie not a negatively earthed alternator type charger) must use the Brantz Power Conditioner. The grey cable connects to the sensor as indicated on the sheet supplied with the tripmeter. If using the normal universal speedometer cable sensor then Brown goes to brown, Blue goes to blue, and Green/Yellow goes to green. The GMR Retrotrip3 is hand crafted by a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

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