Brantz Rally Timer

Version 26 Economy and 32 Pro Models

June 2001

Economy Version 26
Connect the clock to a 12volt DC power source. Battery chargers etc are not suitable as the current is not smoothed. Brown goes to positive, green / yellow goes to negative. It is important to the long life of the instrument that it is connected directly to the terminals of the car battery (not chassis or fuse panel etc) via a 0.5 ampere fuse, and not more. To set the time of day on the upper six digit display, press the 'Time' button. The least significant digit will flash. Select 12 hour or 24 hour format by alternate presses of the remote button. Select the digit to be updated by pressing the 'Reset' button repeatedly until the correct digit is flashing. Increase the value of the selected digit by pressing the 'STRT/STP' button as many times as is required. Note that when the least significant seconds digit is flashing, the digit is zeroed by pressing the 'STRT/STP' button. When the correct time is achieved, normal clock operation is resumed by again pressing the 'Time' button.
The lower stopwatch display is zeroed by pressing the 'Reset' button. When the stopwatch is not running, only three digits are illuminated. The stopwatch can be started by pressing the 'STRT/STP' button. Note that the most significant stopwatch digit is illuminated. The stopwatch can be stopped and restarted by alternate presses of the 'STRT/STP' button.
Rally Timing
Stop and zero the stopwatch as above. At the start of a rally stage press the remote button. The stopwatch starts to run. At the end of the stage momentarily press the remote button. The stopwatch will stop and the Time of Day will hold. Another fast press will start them again from where they left off. A longer press will zero the stopwatch and allow the time of day to continue. Facilities: Timekeeping accuracy can be adjusted by means of the internal trimmer. There is no backup battery fitted to the economy models. The Pro model has a battery backup from the internal rechargeable cells which are fully recharged by having the clock connected to the vehicle's battery for 24 hours. Backup timekeeping power lasts for 48 hours and during this time the readouts will not be illuminated. The model 26 has a facility to change the stopwatch mode over to a one second counting mode. In this mode the decimal point disappears from the lower stopwatch readout and the stopwatch counts 0 to 9 on each of the four digits instead of the usual 60 seconds / minute format. This mode is selected by pressing the RESET button on the clock face AND HOLDING IT FOR ONE SECOND. The decimal point will disappear and only the least significant digits will show. This facility is useful for historic rallying or other functions which require a simple seconds count. All other functions of the switches (including remote) stay as normal. Reminder: fuse at no more than 0.5 amp.
Pro Version 32
Pro Model introduced Jan 2001
Switch convention: Green buttons are normally selected. Pressing the 'C' button then another button within one second selects the orange button. Switch 'on' by pressing the start/stop button. Switch 'off' by pressing 'C' then 'F3' button until the readouts are no longer illuminated. Dimming is achieved by releasing the 'off' command before it is completed. When the clock 32 is first switched on, it enters the standard mode as described above for the clock 26 except that a green light is lit in the 'start/stop' button which indicates that this clock is a different version. The light changes to red when the stopwatch is running and changes to flashing red/green when the stopwatch and time-of-day are stopped.

Timing modes: Pressing 'C then F1 in rapid succession' changes between the three modes available. Usually 24 hour mode is used, but 12 hour mode is available as well as the specialist 10 hour (or Decimal Timing) mode where the day is divided into 10 decimal hours with each decimal hour containing 100 decimal minutes and each decimal minute contains 100 decimal seconds. Midnight is 00.00.00 in all modes. The stopwatch follows into the mode selected. Pressing 'C / F2' selects or deselects the 'Historic Regularity Timing' mode option. In 'Historic Regularity Timing' mode the 24 hr 'Standard Rally Time' clock and stopwatch displays will FREEZE for approximately 32 seconds whenever the Stopwatch 'Start / Stop' button is pressed at a Regularity Timing Point. At this moment the stopwatch is INTERNALLY set to zero and re-commences counting from zero thus timing the next section. This allows the Co-driver to confirm the Time given by the Timing Point Marshal is correct. During this period the red/green light will flash to indicate that the readouts are frozen. When the 32 seconds period is up, the 24 hr clock resets itself to 'Standard Rally Time' and the stopwatch will display the new counting 'Section Time'. The Co-driver can force the clock to terminate this automatic 32 second period by pressing the 'C' button should he need sight of the time-of-day etc. The back-up battery in this model lasts for 12 months after a powered-up period. An internal trimmer can adjust time-keeping accuracy (as a guide, a quarter turn = about 5 seconds per day).


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