Brantz Marshals Clock
Version 1.1
June 2001
The Marshalling Clock (version 1.1) features hours, minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second, spread over two uses of a large format four digit LCD screen. The primary function of a marshalling clock is to hold the time of day for logging purposes when a competitor completes a stage of a competition, then restore the current time of day to the readouts following the noting of the competitor's time. A bonus feature is that this clock holds a memory of the previous frozen time, just in case the screen freeze is released accidentally before the time is fully noted or agreed. A good quality alkaline PP3 battery lasts about a week, but use of the night lights will reduce this life. A lithium type battery is expensive, but can last even longer.
Fit the battery in the compartment at the rear of the case observing the correct polarity by proper use of the polarised connector switch may be fitted in this compartment to switch off the clock. When first powered up, the message 'not / SEt' will flash on the screens. Hold down the H button and whilst the H button is being held press the M button. Release the M button. Release the H button. The clock is in the hours/minutes screen as evidenced by the existence of the centre colon (double dot). The flashing pair of digits can be incremented by multiple presses of the S button, or can be zeroed by the Z button. Pressing the H button will select either the hours digits flashing (24 hour format only) or the minutes digits. In the 'setting' mode, or indeed any mode, the R button will swap screens so that the four digits showing are either the hours and minutes (with colon lit) or seconds and hundredths of a second (with just one decimal point lit). Whilst still in the setting mode with seconds / hundredths showing we can either zero the seconds with the Z button as the full minute comes, or increment full seconds with the S button. When the time has been fully set, press the H button first, then whilst holding the H button press the R button. This will quit the time setting mode, but it is important to note that there is a reliability feature which prevents the clock from inadvertently being altered in the field. Once the 'time setting' mode has been exited, it cannot be re-entered unless the whole clock is powered down for a few seconds by either disconnecting the battery, or switching the power on/off switch to the off position if this is fitted
Use by the Marshal  
R button as always toggles between the hours/minutes screen (colon showing) or the seconds/hundredths screen (with just decimal point showing). The marshal can use this button at any time without affecting anything else. When a competitor enters the timed point the S button is pressed. This freezes the screen with that competitor's time and also puts this time into the memory location, replacing any previously remembered time. The eight digit time of day can be shown by alternate presses of the R button which will show the hours/minutes (colon in the centre) then the seconds/hundredths (decimal point in the centre). A press of the Z button restores the screen to the present time of day. If the remembered time is to be recalled, press the M button. R will still swap screens. Z still restores current time of day to screens.

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