Product Name
Brantz Laser3 Precision Rally Computer Brantz Laser 3

The Brantz Laser 3 provides the greatest degree of competitive edge in professional level rallying.

Technical Specification  
The Brantz Laser 3 Rally Computer is a sophisticated high precision instrument which shows via red LED readouts Time of Day including hundredths of a second and has two stopwatches. Six digit distance (to three decimal places) is viewed via shiftable four digit windows. Speed information includes current, maximum and average speeds. A leap forward in technology allows optimisation of car performance tuning using the acceleration figures to 60, 100 and 120 mph and kph from 0, 30, 50 and 70 mph and kph, along with times for a standing start quarter mile or kilometre, and a standing start mile or kilometre. A programmable digital fuel gauge is provided which will read a gauge which stands unpowered, or is already part of a vehicle's electrical system.
Remote Control  
Options include two versions of wireless remote control units for zeroing etc, one version of which has a screen of its' own which permits its' use as a wireless repeater unit which can be fitted for the driver so that he can monitor speed, distance, fuel etc, and there is also a data collection port which passes computed information periodically to a PC to enable a stage to be analysed.
Manual Page  

Laser 3 manual pages (includes remote control details)

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Brantz Laser 3 PRO-Remote
Standard Remote for Laser 3

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