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Brantz International 2
Brantz International 2 rally tripmeter
The Brantz International 2 tripmeter offers a complete solution for the professional driver.
Technical Specification  

The International 2 is a highly accurate unit featuring very large light emitting displays of 0.6 inches and is ideal for stage rally applications where a dual readout is required. Brantz tripmeters calibrate electronically to indicate hundredths of a mile/kilometre, while a unique Brantz feature allows the Total readout to shift the decimal point of the distance meter to give a maximum value of 999.9 miles or kilometres - useful for the long distance competitions. Changes to wheel sizes or gearing ratios are instantly accommodated by the calibration.A remote reset button is provided as standard equipment to zero the lower Intermediate display. Controls on the meter will zero both Total and Intermediate values whilst also able to freeze the Total display. In addition the Total can be stepped, fast or slow, to any reading to align with the rally organiser's road book if a deviation from the intended route has been made.

For an even more advanced Brantz rally tripmeter, the International 2 'S' Pro is a now available.

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International 2 Manual Pages
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