Product Name
Compact Tripmeter Brantz Architect 1

The Brantz Compact tripmeter is a lightweight , small sized unit designed for either permanent of temporary mounting. Having most of the functions of the larger Surveymaster, it is a powerful and truly compact unit.
Technical Specification  

The Compact is only 120x60x30mm in size and is connected via a plug to allow for easy transfer between vehicles. The black digits are backlit and provide 2 distance readings for 'Total' and 'Trip' selected with the 'S' Select key. The Display viewing area can be changed [using the 'M' key] to show hundreds of km down to single linear metres. The displays can be separately zeroed with the 'Z' key, while the 'R' key reverses the tripmeter. Distance pre-entry is possible on both displays using the 'H' key.

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