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Architect 1 Brantz Architect 1
The Brantz Architect 1 special purpose tripmeter is designed for high accuracy measurement from a road vehicle at any U.K. legal speed. Alterations to the vehicle's road wheel size (such as the fitting of snow tyres, or general tyre wear or the transference to another vehicle) can be quickly and accurately accommodated by means of the electronic calibration.
Technical Specification  

The four digit Light Emitting Display features top quality 0.6 inch digits and an accuracy of better than 99.6%. High quality on/off and other controls, along with solid-state electronics ensure reliability in service. The meter measures approximately 120mm x 100mm x 50mm and may be fitted to the cabin area of any 12 volt vehicle in less than two man-hours. Distance information is fed to the meter for correlation from a sensor normally fitted to the speedometer cable drive.

The meter has the facility of zeroing the measured readings, counting backwards, and by holding the zeroing button pressed whilst powering up the instrument, the decimal point of the readout will shift one place to the right to show 99.99 km or miles instead of the usual 9.999. Distances do of course roll over when the readout reaches 9999.

Manual Page  
Architect Manual Page
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